Friday, February 15, 2013

Quaker Medley

Quaker Medley is a great alternative for those who love the Starbucks oatmeal. They have fruits and nuts, and a number of choices for flavors. Plus, they are less than $2 per cup.


The Nude York City is a great nude. It would be appropriate for most skin tones. I highly recommend it. It's not sticky or anything.

Holiday Voxbox

Goody Quikstyle Paddle Brush (Retails $11.99)
This brush wasn't my thing. It had hard bristles and didn't soak up the water. I can't even use it on my daughter. She pushes it away. It might work for those who blowdry and brush, but I don't really do that.
Quaker real medleys oatmeal cup! (Retails $1.79 a cup)
This oatmeal is delicious! Just add water and microwave for 45 seconds. And it easily rivals Starbucks brand.
Kiss Nail Dress (Retails $6.99)
 I'm excited to try these. I wish I'd gotten a different design though. I got ones that look like bubbles.
Eboost pink lemonade (Retails $28 for a box of 20 powders)
Great taste and boosts your energy. Good product
NYC Liquid Lipshine (Retails $2.49)
I got Nude York City. I love the color and it's not sticky, which we women know, is really annoying when you have long hair. I carry it with me all the time.
 Sole Society Coupon ($25 off your first purchase)
The site has cute shoes starting at $49.95! 
Overall,  I am loving this voxbox!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sexy Swimsuit Challenge - THE end!

Heres what is needed in each post ( There is one optional and one that's needed only a couple times they are listed please read and pay attention and please follow my challenge rules. thanks!)

1. A picture of bathing suit how you want to do this is up to you but please let us know your current size and the size of the bathing suit (must be at least one size smaller) This is only needed for first and last post unless you want to show progress 

Check out the video below.

2. Official starting weight


3. You weight loss goal for this challenge (please be 20 lbs or more we have 92 days)


4. How you plan on achieving your weigh loss goal

 Weight Watchers, Zumba, and walking

5. Exercise and water intake if wanted (OPTIONAL EVERYTHING ELSE IS MANDATORY IN EVERY POST!!!)