Weight Loss Food Mini Reviews

Here I will rate the weight loss foods I try on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being best) and tell you what I liked, and didn't like about them. I will also try to list the points.

  • Lean Cuisine Chicken Club sandwich - 9 points - I love this sandwich. It's really big. I could eat half with a salad and be full. The flavor is great, due partly to fresh tasting tomatoes and partly to the large chunks of chicken. I suggest that if you like it really toasted, you might try tossing it in the oven or panini press for a few seconds after microwaving because the tray does not toast the bread until it's brown.
  • Smart Ones Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae - 4 points - This was great. The texture and flavor of the cookie dough chunks were just like they should be. It was an excellent treat, and at only 4 points, they make a great treat.
  • Smart Ones Brownie a la Mode - 3 points - This is another great sundae style product with chunks of brownie. The flavor and texture of this treat are awesome. Totally recommended.
  • Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae - 4 points - This is awesome. You'll love these, if you like peanut butter cups as much as I do. (I'd plan a whole day's eating around a pack of them, if I weren't trying so hard to be good.) There are mini cups on top of the sundae, and they taste just like Reeces. 
  • Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers BBQ Steak with Red Potatoes - 8 points - The chunks of steak were large and not fatty. The bbq sauce was slightly sweet, which I love. There were large chunks of red potatoes and bits of corn and peppers. This was delicious and filling. The only problem I had with this was that it had a little too much sauce.
  • Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Sweet and Spicy Orange Zest Chicken - 8 points - Another winner. I'd eaten the Cafe Steamers in the past, and wasn't thrilled, but now the Top Chef versions are delicious. This had large chunks of (not fatty) grilled chicken and snap peas. The flavor was a perfect mix of sweet and sour. This one had a bit too much sauce as well.
  • Lean Cuisine Roasted Honey Chicken - 7 pts - This had big veges and a good flavor. I only wish it had a bit more chicken. 
  • Lean Cuisine Chicken Parmesan - 8 points - I'm a big fan of chicken parm, and I can't have it, now that I'm dieting, but this is a great alternative. It's breaded, so you don't feel like you're eating a sub-par substitute. The flavor was great, though the sauce could have had more veges. The chicken was a good size, and there wasn't too much spaghetti, which some food places add to cut costs.
  • Laughing Cow Sun dried tomato and basil - 1 point - This has a great sun dried tomato flavor. I could also taste the basil. It's a great for adding flavor to boring sandwiches or cracker snacks. 
  • Lean Cuisine Sesame stir fry with chicken- 7 points - This had a great flavor, large chunks of chicken and veggies, and not too much sauce. It had lots of noodles, but I didn't mind too much because there was plenty of everything else. 
  •  Lean Cuisine spinach and artichoke dip - 5 points- This was great for those who like spinach artichoke dip. The container is a little small, but for 5 points, it's not really a meal. It's more of an appetizer. I liked the flavor a lot. I wish there was more bread, but you can use veges when the bread runs out. My hubby tried it, and he even approved. (He loves the regular version of this dip.)
  • Market Pantry Chocolate Peanut Butter Nutritional Bars - 5 points - I wanted something that might approximate a candy bar for those times of the month when we women need chocolate. I think these satisfy the need for chocolate and crunchiness, plus they have a great taste of peanut butter. The texture is a bit rough, but not too bad, and there is a very mild aftertaste that I almost didn't notice. Certainly did the trick for my craving.
  • Lean Cuisine Chicken with basil cream sauce - 6 points - This had a great flavor, lots of chicken and big fresh tasting veggies. I really enjoyed it, and for 6 points it makes a great lunch. The only problem I had, was that the meat was hard, and I did find one piece that was a bit fatty. Usually, fatty meat turns me off to a product, but this was good enough I will forgive it as a mistake and buy this again.Note: I did notice a slightly unpleasant aftertaste.
  •  Orowheat Nuttygrain bread - 2 points (per slice) - These slices are high in points, but they are pretty big, so it's not as bad as it sounds. They have high fiber and protein (5 each per slice) and they have a slightly sweet flavor. All in all, I think they make a more flavorful sandwich, especially because they have nuts in them.

  •   Lean Cuisine Thai egg rolls - 5 points - I enjoyed these. They didn't get as crunchy as I would have liked, despite the crisping sleeve, but all in all, they had a good texture and flavor, which I enjoyed.
  • Laughing Cow light herb cheese - 1 point - This had an acceptable flavor and I really enjoyed it for a flavor switch-up from just mustard, but it was a touch too sour for my liking. It was very creamy though, and satisfied my need for variety.
  •  Lean Cuisine Garlic chicken spring rolls - 5 points- These were good too. A little crunchier than the Thai ones. I loved the flavor and both of the spring rolls do a great job of killing the hankering for Chinese food egg rolls with are about a bazillion points a roll. 
  • Lean Cuisine Baja-style Chicken Quesadilla - 7 points - I would have given this a higher number, if it were bigger. I really liked the cheesy flavor and the grilled corn. There was a good amount of chicken and the slices were thick. The tortilla was a bit chewy though.
  •  Fiber One Peanut Butter Brownie - 2 points - This is an okay treat for when you really want to have a brownie. I wasn't too excited about it, but it had a soft, cakey texture and a chocolatey flavor that reminded me of an off brand knock of of hostess brownies.

  •  LEAN CUISINE Thai Style Chicken - 7 points - This tasted very interesting and certainly kept the meal from being boring. I really liked the rice. It wasn't as flavorful as I'd hoped, and there was WAY too much sauce and not enough chicken.
  • Fiber One 90 calorie bar Chocolate - 2 points - The flavor of this was very good. The texture, however, was not pleasant. It was like a really old rice crispy treat. Ick.

  • Lean Cuisine BBQ Chicken Pizza - 9 points - This was good. It had large chunks of chicken and pretty good flavor. I didn't like the red onion that covered the pizza, and the sauce was a little too sweet for me. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of bbq pizza.  
  •  Smart Ones Turtle desert - 5 points - I wasn't bowled over by this. It tasted pretty good, and did the trick for my craving during the time of the month when I needed it most, but I thought it was a little too sweet. Not in a good way, either. Not bad though, for people who like nuts or caramel.
  • Lean Cuisine Ginger garlic stir fry - 7 points - This was pretty good, but I found a big chunk of chicken fat. YUCK! The flavor wasn't good enough to overcome that. I may try it again, but I'd really have to be craving ginger to do it.
  • Lean Cuisine Chicken Ranch Club Flatbread Melt - 10 points - This wasn't worth 10 points. It didn't taste like ranch. It didn't taste like much of anything. I tasted the occasional bell pepper or bacon bit, but there are much better choices out there. The chicken was sparse, and the chunks were pretty small. The veggies were pretty abundant, but didn't afford much variety. The majority of the veggies were red peppers and green onions.
  •  Lean Cuisine Swedish meatballs - 7 points - I'm a big fan of Swedish meatballs. More than that, I'm a nut for them, even in frozen food form. I'm kind of a "even when it's bad, it's still pretty good" kind of gal. But this wasn't very good at all. The noodles were way too soft, and the sauce was as flavorful as water from the tap. The good thing was that meatballs were pretty tasty, and there were quite a few of them.

  •  Lean Cuisine Thai style noodles with chicken -  8 points - This was easily the worst LC product I've eaten since starting this diet last week. There were good sized veges, but that was about the end of the good things I can say. The chicken was almost non-existent. It was far too sweet, and the sweetness didn't seem as if it came from natural flavors. It had a powdery quality to the texture, which was seriously gross. Even my one year old daughter who eats everything wouldn't eat it. Not enough chicken, not enough veges, far too many noodles.


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