Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reuben Casserole - 6 Points Plus

I love reuben sandwiches, but with all that fattening cheese and sauce, plus butter, they aren't worth the points. So I came up with a low points version of the recipe. This is a really simple and quick dinner.

serves 4 - 6 points plus per serving

6 slices of corned beef (cut into strips) - 6 points plus
1 jar of sauerkraut (drained) - 0 points
4 slices rye (cut into chunks) -- though I use sourdough - 8 points (might be more. check your brand)
2 tbsp thousand island - 3 points
1 tsp mustard - 0 points
1 tsp relish - 0 points
1/2 cup swiss cheese (though any white cheese works, and some are lower in points) 6 points

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Mix mustard, relish, and thousand island in casserole dish. Add corn beef strips and mix thoroughly, so corned beef is mostly coated and covers the bottom of the dish. Spread jar of sauerkraut over the top, then top with bread cubes and finally the cheese. 

Cook for 15 minutes until bread is brown and cheese is melted.

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