Thursday, February 2, 2012

Low fat, low calorie, Scrumptiously surprising brownies - 3 points

This is a fantastic and low point version of brownies. You might want to use water or fruit juice instead of coffee though, because I heard that coffee might not be conducive to weight loss.

1 package brownies - 3 points per 1/16th
1 small can black beans - 0
1 small coffee (black) - 0
1 second spray Pam - 0

This is really easy. Open the can of beans. Rinse very well. Keep the beans in the can, and fill with coffee until full. (I used cold coffee, but I'm sure hot would be okay too). Pour coffee and beans in blender and blend on high until all the beans are liquified. I just started my blender and let it run for 3 minutes or so while I got out the pans and started the oven, etc...
Pour mix in a bowl and when beans are liquified, add them to mixture. I sprayed the pan with Pam, just in case.
Bake according to box.

I was toying with a recipe I heard about and came up with this mocha variation. These brownies are 3 point per serving (1/16th of the pan) (points vary by mix) and you will be shocked at how good they are. I love raw brownie mix, and in the interest of those who love that too, I actually tried the raw mix, and it tasted just like regular brownies. My husband couldn't even tell the difference. When cooked, the texture was a little denser than fluffy brownies. They are kind of fudgy, but closer to cake brownies.

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