Friday, February 17, 2012

Turkey Fruit Wrap - 6.5 points

 For the tortillas, I got la tortilla factory 100 calorie because they were large burrito size. You could use the low carb wheat ones from LTF, and they are only 1 point per, but they are smaller.The pictures are only of half the burrito because I once again forgot to take the picture until we were halfway finished. lol

Makes 2 giant burritos - 6.5 points

3 oz skinless turkey breast (shredded) -2.5 points
grapes (cut in half) - 0 points
apple slices (skinless) - 0 points
2 tsp almond slices - 1 point 
1/4 cup Greek yogurt - 1.5 points
2 laughing cow blue cheese - 2 points
2 tortillas - 6 points

Mix laughing cow and yogurt until mostly smooth. Spread half on each tortilla. Place half of the turkey, grapes, apples, lettuce, and almond slices on the tortilla. Roll up and cut in half. Plate and enjoy.
I added 10 grapes to each and 1/4 of an apple to each, but you can add what you would like since they are 0 points. You might also want to add avocado. I was going to, but I forgot. lol.