Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeling good about your weight loss

Another blogger I follow mentioned something in a post the  other day and I thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you.
She was complaining about being down, despite her weight loss, because of the large yet-to-be-lost numbers.

I think we all feel this way. It comes from looking at the big picture too long and hard. Well, I say screw the big picture! lol. Look at the little one.

Think to yourself  "This week I lost 1 lb. That's an awesome loss. I also found a workout I really love. Next week I'll do the same or better."

Don't focus on the 40 50 or 100 lbs left to lose. If you look at the big picture too often, it will feel impossible. But even that is not so horrible if you look at it the right way.
Personally, I have 75 lbs to lose (roughly). I'm 23 lbs down which means I'm 1/3 the way there. Awesome. I don't focus on the other 50 lbs, because they will depress me and might make me quit. After all, they say you can greatly improve your health by just losing 10% of your body weight. For most of us, that's about 20lbs or so. I'm coming up to my 10% and I'm excited to see it come and go, for my health, for my children, for my husband, and for my inner sense of sex appeal (which took a hit with my recent allergic reaction, but is coming back).
Focus on that 10%, then focus on the next. Don't focus on the big picture.

That's the only advice I have for you. Aim small, look at the negative in a positive way, and be proud of yourself for doing more now that you did during the years when you let yourself gain the weight. You'll feel much better about it.
Good luck everyone and I hope you have a great week of weight loss.


  1. Great post people often get discouraged by a number. Ugh I have tried to stress this to many people but when they have always looked at the bigger picture its hard to have them start looking small. I love this post though :) Congrats on the loss and sorry for my lack of comments but lots of times my phone acts up and wont download your vlog.

  2. yeah, it's important to look at things the right way, if you plan to stick with these changes. thanks for the comment. I'm sorry about the vlogs not downloading. From now on, I'll post the weight beneath the vids, if I remember. If I don't remember, you can always post a reminder comment and I'll put it up.
    Thanks for supporting me, it means a lot.