Friday, March 30, 2012

I found a recipe similar to this on the fit2fat2fit youtube channel.  It sounded interesting, though I had to alter it slightly and make some up. Goes great on a bed of rice.

 4 servings - 10 points per serving

2 cups of rice (cooked according to the box instructions) - 16

1 lb salmon - 16
1 cup orange juice - 0
1 lime ( zest)- 0

Seasoning per fillet

pinch cayenne pepper
pinch kosher salt
pinch pepper
1tsp garlic
 pinch onion powder

2tbsp oj
 1 lime (juice)-0
1 avocado-8
1 red onion-0
1 can green chiles -0

dip samon in orange juice with lime zest, sprinkle with seasonings, and cook in a pan over medium heat. Chop avocado, cilantro, and red onions. add a can of chiles, the oj, and the lime juice. stir. Flip salmon. When salmon is flaky (when poked with a fork), plate it over rice and cover with salsa.

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