Friday, January 6, 2012

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I gained a lot of weight over the last three years, with the help of two kids and some fenugreek--which mildly increases breast milk production, but also makes you gain up to 4lbs a week. (And the nurses don't tell you this.) :$
I intend to get back to my pre-wedding weight of 200 lbs. Then I might try to get to my goal weight of 175lbs, but with my height and frame size I've never been below 185 in my adult life, so that might be tough.

I'll be taking this journey, with the help of Weight Watchers Points Plus system. I don't do meetings, and my husband isn't willing to let me pay for the online stuff until we've recovered from Christmas, so in the beginning I will be using daily allowance and online points calculators and some really great advice I've found online.

Online support and information can be very helpful, if used with logic and taken with a grain of salt.

Using the daily allowance calculator, I discovered that there is a floor for the points system, which is 29 points. I also discovered that I should lower my daily points by 1 point every 10 lbs. My initial points should be 41, but I'm giving myself 36 because it will keep me on track. When I think I don't have any points left, I will really have five left. Though the free fruits and vegis helps with that too.

I'll be posting my weight once a month, updates once a week, and my favorite recipes when I come up with them (including the Plus value.) I'll probably blog every once in a while about how I'm feeling or what I've been doing.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to tell me what you have learned about WW while searching the internet or going to meetings. Or just say hi.

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