Sunday, January 22, 2012

To weigh or not to weigh, that is the question

I wondered, when I started this diet, if I should weigh every day. I quickly realized that, for me, weekly weigh ins are better.
The proof came a few days ago (the day after weigh in) when I snuck onto the scale to see if I'd met my 10lb goal. I'd gained weight, and I started scouring my food logs and thinking of changes I should make, but then I realized... My time of the month had just started. The weight gain was from that.
I decided then that I would only weigh once a week. No matter how much I'd like to crack into a goal reward, I'm just going to have to wait. Then I can look forward to an honest number and adjust things accordingly. Plus, it takes away that horrible daily yoyo feel of bouncing between yay, I lost and oh no, I gained.
The only real problem I have with it is, it's so hard to wait a week... Is it Tuesday yet? ;)
What do you do? Weigh once a day, week, month?

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