Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet and savory stirfry - 4 points

This is a super stir fry with an interesting flavor. Good for when your bored with other stir fry flavors. The cinnamon and ginger really combine to create an interesting sauce.

4 servings - 4 points per serving

4 frozen chicken medallions -8 points
1 bag frozen Asian veggies - 5 points (I like carrots)
1/2 can pineapples - 0 points
5 mushrooms (sliced) - 0 points

2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce - 0 points (watch the carbs or you have to add a point)
4 tbsp pineapple juice - 0 points
1 tsp chopped garlic - 0 points
1/2 tsp crushed ginger - 0 points
2 shakes of cinnamon - 0 points

Put frozen medallions in wok with water. Let cook until white around edges while putting together the sauce.
Combine soy and juice, add garlic and ginger. Stir. Then add cinnamon and stir well.
When the chicken is white around the outside, drain water and add 1/4 sauce. Flip chicken and cook in sauce until browned. Then add veggies and 1/4 more of the sauce. Let cook while you chop the pineapple and mushrooms into chunks. When the frozen veggies are mostly thawed, add the mushrooms, pineapples, (and sauce to taste).

Cook until mushrooms start to soften. You can serve this over rice, toss in some cooked angel hair pasta with the mushrooms, or eat it by itself.

Also, I'm sure you'll notice I cook straight from frozen. That's because I'm too busy and not attentive enough to thaw. you can, of course, alter any of my recipes to use fresh/thawed food.

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